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Tchiloli, Máscaras e Mitos


Tchiloli, Máscaras e Mitos



Tchiloli, Máscaras e Mitos

Tchiloli, Masks and Myths

Inês Gonçalves & Kiluanje Liberdade

Originary from France, the "Tchiloli or Marquis of Mântua Tragedy” theatre was introduced in the African island of São Tomé in the XVIth century. Music, dances and suits are added to the renaissance text, turning this spectacle into a hybrid cultural manifestation. The Tchiloli, performed by amateur groups, integrates only men that are prominent figures in certain quarters of the island. The most popular and traditional group is the “Formiguinha". In this company, the main roles are transmitted from generation to generation. The oldest members try to keep the tradition within the family.

São Tomé and Principe


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