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Luanda, A Fábrica da Música


Luanda, A Fábrica da Música



Luanda, A Fábrica da Música

Luanda, the Music Factory

Inês Gonçalves & Kiluanje Liberdade

The young poets live in a Luanda musseque (slum) in permanent construction. Dj Buda is one of them and everyone wants to get onto his machine cranking out Kuduro rhythms. Buda creates electrifying electronic rhythms that sing loudly into the classic Frank Sinatra-style microphone. Each kid sings his/her story in his/her own way, words and style. The result of these Buda sessions is a cacophonic polyphony that tells about life in Angola. This film is a hymn to how Angolans are creating, producing, selling and consuming their own music. A cry for independence, for voice, for Angola!



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